Cairo's Circus.

This project is mainly inspired from the richness of the Egyptian culture that heavily involves humor, jokes, tricks and playfulness in our daily lives. And so, this is an attempt for creating a new identity for Egyptian circus to highlight the spirit of such a culture, transforming the current circus to an authentic trademark, thus becoming an original cultural and touristic spot. In fact, the circus world goes far beyond its physical and entertainment dimensions since it acts as window for the current social life as well as political, economic issues. Alternately, it is an extremely rich potential for design ideas and a very crucial form of art study. This project aims to: 1. Rebuild the image of Cairo’s National Circus. 2. Create a new corporate identity system. 3. Create and implement an advertising communicative campaign. 4. Upscale the perception of brand. 5. Attract new target segments. 6. Create word of mouth, a buzz among consumers. 7. Create new advertising mediums and implementations; break free from the traditional Egyptian advertising implementations.

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