I am the future.

RESEARCH INSPIRATION & CONCEPT DESCRIPTION : With the fast moving world of commercialism, social media, brands and digital smart technologies. A world that is geared toward tomorrow and endless sea of opportunities. The human element is being replaced by screens, robots & machines. Researchers from the University of Oxford are claiming that approximately 47% of all currently existing jobs have a high chance of being taken over by machines within the next 20 years. The human-to-human communication is almost lost. How to foster back humanity yet adapt to technology? Save the role of the graphic designer? I can see a future where human themselves become the actual mediums of communication & a tool advertising. They become in control creating their own reading experiences. Thats the only logical evolution to fast changing universe.Books, magazines, record covers, road signs, posters, logos, film credits, TV graphics, packaging, postage stamps, instruction manuals, websites, the page you are reading now - the unseen hand of the graphic designer touches and moulds every area of our lives. I believe that this could be the end of graphic design as we know it. I believe that the role of the graphic designer will not be to apply his works on object or specific user interfaces but the real innovation comes by changing the actual medium of communicating design. His new canvas is the human being. With the most complex network system of nerves and sensors, the human being by itself makes the perfect platform of a digital, interactive, movable & personalised tool of communication. The role of humanity is here being pushed to the maximum, not only individuals coexisting but carriers of global & local messages, precious information, ideas & thoughts. The relationship between designers and scientists is essential to our future. Innovation in the sciences is always linked in some way, either directly or indirectly, to a human experience. And human experiences happen through engaging with the arts – listening to music, say, or seeing a piece of art. Superior innovation comes from bringing divergents (the artists and designers) and convergents (science and engineering) together. Look at Apple's iPod. A perfect example of technology – an MP3 player – that existed for a long time but that nobody ever wanted, until design made it something desirable, useful, integrated into your lifestyle. MAIN EXECUTION : A 30 sec video of a demo of how I see the human being used as a medium of science and art. Just like the brief, I am expressing my vision of how I see the future of reading experiences. Not only a world of text but transforming it into a digital stimulation of a whole world. Its an actual first demo to the concept; the human brand. And although I am not a media designer, and part of my motivation of this course is to become one, I chose this to be a challenge towards interaction design so Rather then sending a lifeless PDF of still work, I wanted to take the jury into a future world of virtual reality. Basically, a digital stimulation of a whole world, seen in different sectors of experience such as fashion, advertising, design, entertainment, nature, photography, music, art, astrology. Its an actual first demo to the concept; the human brand. SCOPE OF WORK & PROCESS & TECHNIQUES : - Creative conceptualisation, ideograph, editing, sound editing, typography, colour editing, painting & mixed media, projection art, body painting art, art direction, typography, visual communication, logo design,poster design, color concept, branding/corporate identity and 360 campaign application, presentation design. PROBLEM :- constant evolution of technological appliances, that cost money, man power, social degeneration, anti-human relationships, humans replacement with machines, and time deficiency. INNOVATIVE PROBLEM SOLUTION : - Transform the human being into an actual manifestation of technology, the tool of communication, himself becomes the medium. IMPACT (ECONOMICALLY, ENVIRONMENTALLY & SOCIALLY) : - Instant synchronization with human needs. - Universal information sent anytime, anywhere on the globe. - Less spending in technological gadgets. - Stop paper production resulting into a more ecofriendly world. - More social engagement. - Enhanced user experience. - Brands become sponsors. - Leap in technological advancements & future requirements. - Accessible, interactive, portable, connected, unlimited reading access. - Unstoppable innovation. - Unlimited interaction and global communication. - Enhancing every day life. - Shifting views and norms. - Revolutionise entertainment.

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