Mobinil Brand Analysis.

Mobinil’s corporate identity as an Egyptian symbol that exceedingly astonished the world’s expectations as Egypt’s first mobile phone operating systems, was definitely the choice as graphic design student studying in the field of corporate design. The highlight of this study is to convey & analyze mobinil’s image; orporate identity. Achieved throughout exploring mobinil’s corporate development since its establishment in 1998 till this day. In addition to the effects and consequences associated whilst changing the identity on both; the business and the public moreover the fact that it is still remaining strongly on top and even after the introduction of a 1st & 2nd competitor;”Vodafone” & “Etisalat”. Analyzing the corporate identity explores the group of aspects, ideas, methods, techniques, concepts and structure created by designers and creatives in order to come out with a unique recognizable essence of mobinil.

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