Refugees are Real.

Insight : People usually pitty refugee situations and thats it! there is no action involved. This could be including even most of us. Problem : They 'watch' as an outsider. and view them as a foreign body and the story ends here. Most of them do not even realize that they can do something and act upon it and how. Objective : Taking this initial feeling further to reaching a tangible action and awareness that would positively contribute to the refugees lives. Area of Alarm : War zone/terror/evacuation/safety/difficulty to be hosted or even become a refugee in the first place. Target : Host communities. Idea : Is to elaborate the exact idea of the host seeing a refugee from a distant. Through a visual communicative campaign - a series of paintings, that the viewer would appreciate as an artwork at first, but while looking closely they read a strong sentence revealing the true purpose of the visual. Medium : Posters that could be viewed all over the host city creating a stopping factor. Campaign Applications / further development : These visuals could be used in a website, app, and further initiative development.

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