Sehr El Borolos.

Sehr el Borolos is a theatrical play performed in El Gomohoreya Theatre Cairo 2012. As the play mainly takes part at the Borolos Lake, with the magical mood of moonlight and water energy, the aim is to convey this mood in a new well-designed functional poster. The idea was to depend this time on solely graphical skills to convey the feeling in a more modern abstract complex fresh approach. The idea is simply a graphical composition which gives a multi-association, and leaves the heads guessing what pattern could this resemble? It could be a top view of a puddle in the lake, it could be a healing energy aura, it could be a group or a collateral, a crowd of people, a moonlight effect, an atomic structure...etc Which are all key ideas of the play story-in all cases its a multi-way of representing one-message: connection.

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