The Hierolatin Typeface.

Hierolatin: Is an experimental typeface developed to introduce hieroglyphics & pharaonic iconography through latin typography. The beauty of connecting things, words, cultures, histories & civilisations. The power of symbolism. Problem : An ancient civilisation has been outlooked, commercialised and fallen into the abused cliches. The lack of appealing solutions that communicate with the needs of today's generations as well as connecting the world's cultures together has made ordinary information repelling to receive. The role of design in fostering cultures, scripts, history and finding innovative ways to preserve history while keeping up with the fast moving future.  Objective : Exposing Hieroglyphics through today's universal language. Revisiting the beauty of the Hieroglyphic world through illustration. Combining Hieroglyphic characters with the equivilant latin alphabets for an easy visual learning system. A fresh eye on history's treasures with a contemporary approach. Celebrating a Nation's history with global engagement. 

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